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Release Date: January 14, 2014

Counterfeit: Don’t Buy Into Organized Crime

A new global campaign by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is launched today to raise awareness among consumers of the $250 billion a year illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods. The campaign, titled Counterfeit: Don’t Buy into Organized Crime, informs consumers that buying counterfeit goods could be funding organized criminal groups, puts consumer health and safety at risk and contributes to other ethical and environmental concerns.

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Stan Salot believes that consumers and businesses have the right to know about the potential grave consequences of buying counterfeits. He and his team recently developed the CAMA product mark to provide the solution that consumers & businesses deserve.  His interview with Mr. Jones will focus on ways that the Counterfeit Mark Alliance,  along with the UNODC campaign, has the potential to inform and empower buyers to make purchasing decisions that exclude the potential of supporting organized crime.

Stan’s guest, Mr. Jones will speak about the campaign, centered around a new Public Service Announcement launched on the NASDAQ Marketsite in New York’s Times Square on 14 January, urging consumers to ‘look behind’ counterfeit goods in a bid to boost understanding of the multi-faceted repercussions of this illicit trade. The costs attached to counterfeiting go beyond manufacturer’s monetary losses, the theft of other people’s ideas and inventions and the overall impact on taxes and customs duties. With significant social, ethical and health consequences, the illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods is a crime which touches virtually everyone in one way or another.

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